CEM II 32.5

Product Info

JK White Cement II 32.5 is designated as 32.5 N/R under British standards BS EN 197-1:2011. It is suitable for Drymix mortars such as plasters & adhesives, Cement wash/Cement paint, pointing of bricks/stones and marble underlay.

At JK White Cement, we continuously strive to develop products of the highest quality, with ground-breaking research and development that far exceeds customer expectations.

Key attributes

  • Whiteness more than 90%
  • Low heat of hydration
  • High fineness & durability
  • Produced from selected raw material with highest Quality


  • It is economical as compared to other grades of white cement.
  • It is suitable for Masonry applications, thereby making it an excellent retail sales product.
  • It allows the preparation of perfect mixtures with the color pigments.
  • With its high fineness, perfect surfaces are obtained when appropriate molds are used.
  • Less Corrosive – has low corrosion tendency due to low Alkali.

Packaging available :

  • 40 kg Paper and PP bag
  • 50 kg PP bag
  • Bulk Cement


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