CEM II 42.5N

Product Info

JK White Cement CEM II is designated under British standards as BS EN 197-1:2011 CEM II 42.5 N and International standards. Our new product is durable, smoother and economical in usage. Especially suited for architectural uses and providing attractive and durable concrete, rendering and mortar usage and cast stone, architectural Insitu concrete, paving stone, street furniture and terrazzo.

Key attributes

  • Low heat of hydration
  • Great fineness & durability
  • It is produced from the raw material with highest purity
  • High early strength compared to Grey Cement CEM II 42.5


  • Due to low heat of hydration, probability of development of cracks is minimised
  • It allows the preparation of perfect mixtures with the colour pigments
  • With its high fineness, perfect surfaces are obtained when appropriate moulds are used
  • It gives high final compressive strength as compared to CEM II 42.5 grey cement
  • Allows making of larger elements without development of cracks
  • It is economical

Available packaging mix :

  • 25 kg available in PP and Paper bag
  • 40 kg available in PP and Paper bag
  • 50 kg available in PP and Paper bag
  • 0.5 MT available in Jumbo pack
  • 1.5 MT available in Jumbo pack


Drymix Mortar

Wall Skimming

Tile Fixing

Tile Grouts

Stucco Filler

Terrazzo Tiles

Masonry Application

Cement Paints