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JK PlastMaxX – Cement plaster/Render PP11

Product Info

JK PlastMaxX CEMENT PLASTER/RENDER PP11 is a premium multi-purpose dry-mix plaster suited for properly prepared concretes, concrete blocks, etc. It can be applied by spray plaster machines and manual application and is suitable for interiors and exteriors.


High Quality Portland Cement, Hydrated Lime, carefully selected processed natural mineral aggregates and very special chemical additives for performance enhancements.


  • General Purpose Use
  • Quality Consistency
  • Excellent Workability
  • Outstanding bonding tendency

Technical Characteristics

  • Binder: High Performance Portland Cement
  • Aggregate Size: 0 – 2 mm Appearance: Grey Granular Powder Mixing Ratio: 8.5 Liters water per 50 Kg bags Water
  • Requirement: 17% Coverage: 42 Square Meters/Metric Ton @ 15 mm thickness (actual coverage depends on application temperature, nature of substrates, applied thickness, transfer efficiency, etc.)
  • Density: 1.78 Kg/Liter (Wet); 1.65 Kg/Liter (Dry) Compressive Strength: Minimum 4 N/mm² (at 28 days)
  • Flexural Strength: Minimum 1 N/mm² (at 28 days) Curing: 48 Hours by clean water


BS EN 998-1: 2016 | BS EN: 13914-1: 2016 | BS EN: 13914-2: 2016 | BS 5262|BS 5492 | ASTM C348
| ASTM C349 | ASTM C926 | ASTM C897

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