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Water Resistant Tile grout


Product Description:

JK Cement Tile MaxX Tile Grout is a premium dry pre-mix and water resistant cement based tile jointing grouts. It is a non-sanded product and is recommended for internal and external use. It is available in White and different range of standard colors. It can be applied up to 5 mm jointing for walls, balconies, floor, wet areas and stairs tilling.

Properties :

  • Non shrinkage
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Flexible to apply
  • Suitable for wet areas
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in a wide range of attractive colors

Technical Features:

Properties Results
Appearance White Powder
Composition White Cement, Fine Graded Fillers, Re-dispersible
Polymer powder and performance enhancing Additives
Aggregate Size >0.150 mm
Compressive Strength* as per
EN:1015-11 (28 days)
>6 N/mm²
Flexural Strength* as per
EN:1015-11 (28 days)
> 2.5 N/mm²
Bond Strength* as per
EN:1015-12 (28 days)
≥ 1 N/mm²
Water Retention* as per
ASTM C1506 – 17
≥ 95 %
Setting Time* at 25ºC 7 -9 Hours
Bulk Density (Kg/Liter) 1 ± 0.10
Mixing Ratio 6.6 – 7.6 Liters/20 Kg Bag & 8.3 – 9.5 Liters/25 Kg Bag
Pack Size 20 & 25 Kg Bags
Application Thickness Total Thickness of Maximum 3 mm in multiple layers
Consumption Approximately 1.25 – 1.75 m²/Kg *

* Based on laboratory values tested at Standard Conditions of Temperature and %Relative Humidity

Scope of use:

JK Cement Tile MaxX Tile Grout are suitable for filling up to 5 mm joints between ceramic tiles, marbles tiles, glass mosaic tiles, natural stones and porcelain tiles.

Surface Preparation:

The grooves between the tile surfaces to be grouted must be completely cleaned prior to the application of the JK Cement Tile MaxX Tile Grout.


JK Cement Tile MaxX Tile Grout is to be mixed with 30 – 35% of fresh and potable water in a clean and non-corrosive container. It is strongly recommended to use a proper electrical mixer for achieving homogenous mixture. Once mixed, wait for 5 minutes and mix again prior to application. Mix only the needed quantities to avoid any material loss due to drying in the container by time. Also, avoid adding any excess water after mixing. Care should be taken that the mixture is completely free from any lumps, prior to application.


Apply JK Cement Tile MaxX Tile Grout within readily cleaned and free of dust joints using rubber spatula. Compact the grout within joints properly.

           Remove excessive grouts using dampen sponge. It is strongly recommended to consume the mixed grouts within 90 minutes. Once grouts are dried, use dry cloth to remove unwanted grouts from tiles surface and clean it.


After application, it should be cured using dampen sponge or cloth for a minimum of 2 – 3 times a day for 48 hours


  • Ensure to not use it on metal, gypsum and other non-absorbing surfaces
  • Refrain from application during rain, unstable weather conditions or under direct sun
  • Do not mix different grout colours together which will increase the risk of colour inconsistency in final
  • Do not add any salty or dirty water for
  • The amount of mixing water must be precisely Excess water could induce efflorescence over the surface. Different color tones will result if mixture is prepared with different water ratios.


  • Shelf Life: 12 Months from date of manufacture if covered well and stored in pallets, away from heat, Sun light and

Health & Safety:

JK Cement TileMaxX Tile Grouts contains cement which becomes strongly alkaline upon mixing with water and this may cause skin irritation when exposed for very long time. Avoid contact with eyes and inhalation of dust. In case of skin/eyes contact, wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention immediately. It is highly recommended to use all relevant Personal

Protective Equipment while handling it and work in well ventilated conditions while applying it. Keep out from the reach of children.
* Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for more details.

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The information given here is based on the best of our knowledge, good faith, experience and laboratory based results and therefore the results will vary depending on the real time application. Also, the values indicated in this Data Sheet here are subject to ± 10% variance due to multiple factors. Also, the performance of our Tile Grouts depends on the workmanship/quality of application job at the site. Hence JK Cement Works (Fujairah) is not responsible for any sort of claims/disputes arising out of any negative results by using our JK Cement TileMaxX Tile Grout ranges of products. JK Cement Works Fujairah is not held responsible for use of this product for applications other than specified and/or adopting any faulty application/curing methodologies. It is the user’s responsibility to have through this Technical Data Sheet prior to applying our products and to ensure with JK Cement Works Fujairah that any product information is still prevailing at the time of application. Also the user must be sure that the product is suitable for the use intended and also applied it as specified while taking care of all precaution- ary measures. While all the products comply with the properties shown on current technical data sheets/brochures, JK Cement Works Fujairah does not warrant or guarantee the products’ performance as it doesn’t have any control over factors adopted during its actual application.

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