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JK TileMaxX – Supreme Flexible Tile Adhesive TA44

Product Info

JK CEMENT TileMaxX TA44 is a single component cement based tile adhesive manufactured under controlled factory conditions. Its unique blend of composition gives robust performance with Very high adhesive strength for varieties of Ceramic, Mosaic, Terracotta, Porcelain, Terrazzo, Marble, Granite, Glazed and Vitrified tiles.

Key Features

  • Excellent Workability with extended Open Time
  • Superior Slip Resistance
  • Suitable for many Variety of Tiles with overall Best Bonding Performance
  • Excellent Water Resistance

Application Areas

  • Designed to suit Wall and Flooring Tiles with best durability
  • Suited for all types of Interior and Exterior Areas
  • The best choice for wet a reas such as Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc

Technical Characteristics:

Properties Results
Appearance Powder
Composition Cement, Mineral Aggregates & Special Additives
Color Unique White
Density (Kg/Liter) 1.70 ± 0.20 (Wet) and 1.60 ± 0.20 (Dry)
Mixing Ratio 4.7 – 5.1 Liters / 20 Kg Bag
Open Time * as per EN 12004 – 2: 2017 About 30 Minutes
Workable Time: Approx. 45 Minutes at Standard Conditions
Adhesion Strength* as per BS EN 12004- 2: 2017 > 1 N/mm²
Standards Classification C2TE at Standard Conditions & Temperature
Pack Size 20 Kg Paper Bags
Wall Grouting About 10 Hours depending on absorbency
Floor Grouting After 24 Hours
Thickness 3 – 10 mm depending on Tile Size, Notched Trowel and application tools.
Coverage: 5 – 6 m2 / 20 kg bag at 3 mm thickness when applied with a notched trowel (Coverage may vary depending on tile thickness, tile size and bed thickness, transfer efficiency, substrate, etc.).
  • * Based on test carried out at Standard Conditions of Temperature and %Relative Humidity

Applicable Standards

  • EN 12004 – C2TE
  • EN 1346
  • EN 1348
  • ISO 13007 – C2TE
  • ANSI 118.4

Application Guidelines:

Surface Preparation:

  • All Surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned using stiff brush to remove dust and loose particles, paint residues, wood pieces and molds, Oily stains, grease, etc.
  • Concrete Surfaces should be properly cured with water before fixing tiles.
  • All Surfaces Should be pre-wet to ensure no moisture be absorbed from this Tile Adhesive during application.


  • It should be mixed with clean potable water only.
  • Mixing should be done in a clean plastic or non-corrosive metal bucket.
  • An electric mixer with low rotation speed (200-300 rpm) is preferred to achieve a good and homogeneous mix.
  • Mixing ratio is around 4.7 – 5.1 Liters of water per 20 Kg which can be adjusted as per site application conditions.
  • Mixing is to be done until a uniform lump free paste is obtained.
  • Once mixed allow the mix to rest for about 5 minutes and to be re-mixed again before commencing the application.
  • Care should be taken that further water should not be added to the mix once set. Also Hard and set paste should not be remixed or reused.


  • Apply TA44 evenly on the substrate with a uniform thickness using a notched trowel according to the size of the tile.
  • Apply the Tiles onto the Adhesive bed with a slipping movement with enough pressure to ensure all tile surface is in contact with adhesive bed.
  • Always follow the pattern of fixing Tiles from bottom to top.
  • Keep proper Tile Spacers between the tiles, once fixed.
  • For heavy and/or larger format tiles, it is strongly recommended to apply a layer of TA44 at the back of the Tiles prior to fixing on to the substrate.
  • TA44 is recommended to apply this on the substrate by areas of < 1 m² each which need to be tile fixed within a maximum of 10 minutes from application time at standard conditions. Spreading large areas of application without fixing tiles may lead to drying of the adhesive before tile fixing and eventually may reduce its bonding capability.
  • Upon finishing, excess adhesive need to be removed with wet cloth before it dries.


  • Care should be taken not to use set adhesive or remix with water.
  • Ensure to not use it on metal, gypsum boards, plasters boards and other non-absorbing surfaces.
  • It is preferable to make sure to clean the surface well before applying the adhesive bed as it contributes to final adhesion strength.
  • Refrain from application during rain, unstable weather conditions or under direct sun light.


  • Shelf Life: 12 Months from date of manufacture if covered well and stored in pallets, away from heat, Sun light and moisture.
  • Care should be taken that hard & lumpy materials are not to be used.

Health & Safety:

TA44 contains cement which becomes strongly alkaline upon mixing with water and this may cause skin irritation when exposed for very long time. Avoid contact with eyes and inhalation of dust. In case of skin/eyes contact, wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention immediately. It is highly recommended to use all relevant Personal Protective Equipment while handling it and work in well ventilated conditions while applying it. Keep out from the reach of children.
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