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Precast Concrete


“JK White Cement is a major ingredient in numerous precast products in today’s world”
Precast concrete consists of concrete (a mixture of cement, water,
aggregates and admixtures) that is cast into a specific shape at a
location other than its in-service position. The concrete is placed into
a form, typically wood, rubber, GRP or steel, and cured before being
stripped from the form, usually the following day. These components
are then transported to the construction site for installation into place.

About Precast

There are many different types of precast concrete forming systems for architectural applications, differing in size, function, and cost. Precast
architectural panels are also used to clad all or part of a
building facade free-standing walls used for landscaping, soundproofing, and security walls, and some can be
pre-stressed concrete structural elements.
The White Cement can be mixed with different color and
size of the aggregate to make a difference. The shape and
surface of the precast concrete moulds have an effect on
the look: the mould can be made of timber, steel, plastic,
rubber, or fiberglass, each material giving a unique finish.

Some of the precast possibilities
Pavement Blocks/
Pavers/Pavement Bricks are used to create a pavement
or hard standing. Main benefit of using paver is that individual paver can later be lifted and replaced if required. Typical use of pavers is for driveways, pavements, patio, town
centers, and more commonly in road surfacing. Concrete
paving of blocks are made by mixing small stone hardcore,
pigments, cement and sand. JK White Cement with its high
strength and brilliant whiteness produces hard, tough and
durable pavers with bright and long lasting colors.
• Solid Concrete Products
• Insulated Precast Panels
• Pre-stressed Hollow Core Slabs and Walls
• Pre-stressed Beams
• Staircase
• Road Barriers
• Bridge Barriers
• Cladding Panels
• Sandwich Panels